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Examples of Past Gatherings

June 17

June 17, 2020

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June 12, 2020

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May 13 - Sharing  "hard to love" parts of ourselves.


Hug Nation Community Guidelines


“It doesn’t matter where your feet are, it matters where your heart is.”

A place for connection, love, & gratitude.  A place that celebrates the beauty of each human being sharing their truth.


  1. All are welcome.

  2. Kindness & respect required at all times.

  3. We gather at 12:00 & 6:00pm & 3am PT daily.  Gratitude sharing for 30 minutes, then a group hug. Then casual socializing for those that wish to stay.  

  4. Raise your hand to share. (actual hand or digital) - This avoids the “talking over each other” problem of Zoom audio interference & lags.

  5. If you see someone who wants to talk that the host is missing, shoot a note in chat,  “Ted looks like he is raising his hand.”

  6. Be mindful of the “single audio” nature of zoom.  That means we need to mute ourselves if we are in noisy areas, have rustling headphones, etc.  when we are not talking. And a "thumbs up" may be better than making a sound.

  7. Be mindful of the time you take to share.   When we have 20 plus people, everyone needs to keep their sharing around 1-2 minutes.   But if you have something special or deep to share, take the time you need.  

  8. Halcyon is “owner” of the room & default host & hug leader.   Tall Paul, Ross, and Mingle are frequent co-hosts.  But anyone can step-up, if needed to lead.

  9. Hats, ears, fun attire is WELCOME!  (But you, AS-IS, is welcome, too.)

  10. While we share gratitude, we do not demand positivity.   Realness is celebrated.  Hopefully, even amidst struggle, we can find something to be grateful for.

  11. We may not be serious, but we are sincere.  Once we are connected, we are playful, but this is not a place for ungrounded silliness or pranking.  We ask for your authentic truth.  

  12. Guidelines for Radical Inclusion and Spiritual Conversations. (VIDEO)

  13. What is a "Gratitude Garden?" (VIDEO)

  14. History of "Digital Intimacy" presentation on our 2 year anniversary. (VIDEO). + How people found our community (VIDEO)

    Additional policies about Sensitive Subjects.

1) Do not assume everyone believes what you believe. This goes for vaccination policy, Republican vs. Democrat, Trump support, abortion policy, Law of Attraction, Jesus, and more.

2) Do not assume that people are watching the news as close as you are. If you are freaked out about something in the news, be aware that someone might not want to join you in that worry.

3) If you are grateful about politics or religious things, make your gratitude personal. Make sure you aren't celebrating a win that someone in the room could feel as a loss.

4) If you want to discuss issues or vent or celebrate, assume that someone in the room disagrees with you. Ask if anyone wants to go to a breakout room - or your own personal Zoom* room with you.

5) At any time, someone can say, "Can you take that to a breakout room or your personal Zoom?"

6) If someone says, what you are saying makes them uncomfortable, the response is. "Sorry. I'll stop." NOT, "Why?" or "You shouldn't be offended by this because...."

7) If you can, give a heads-up/trigger warning if you are going to share about 

  • Self-harm

  • Suicide

  • Surgery/Medical/Injuries

  • Politics

  • Religion

*Personal Zoom accounts are free.

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