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About The Film

After 14 years of attending Burning Man and making YouTube videos for newbies, Halcyon decided it was time to make a more polished film.  With the help of videographer Jake Tison, they created a peek inside their "Pink Heart" camp and the magic it brought to the residents of Black Rock City - and to their own lives.

With a focus on how the event transforms individuals, rather than the event itself, "The Pink Path" touches on universal ideas of Service & Love through the Burning Man Principle of Gifting.   We see it in practice, not just in the desert, but in the default world via Burners Without Borders and Halcyon's San Diego charity,

Whether Burning Man is a mystery to you, or you are a Black Rock Veteran, "The Pink Path" will remind you of the direction your heart has been leading you all along.


Cover image: Eric Schwabel

Back image:Mike Hedge

Editing & Shooting: Jake Tison

Whatever is left: Halcyon

Additional videos on the DVD feature music by

Justin Connor



Auditory Canvas


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